‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’

– Nelson Mandela

Everyone in a tourism destination is a potential point of contact for a visitor which means that everyone should see themselves as a Tourism Ambassador. The importance of the personal touch in any destination makes PEOPLE the number one factor. Because the travelling customer is directly in contact with line staff, the quality of the interaction is largely reflected in the employees’ ability to meet customer expectations.

DHC understands the competencies required by the industry in its workforce such as hard and soft skills, language and technological know-how. DHC creates public and private partnerships to develop or improve national education and training systems to create a knowledgeable workforce or as we say ‘the thinking person’s hands-on’. From industry training programs such as Passport for Success to two-year diplomas and one-year or six-month certificates, DHC has an approach to suit strategic human capital development education and training needs.

Passport for Success

Our Passport for Success Industry Training Program is The Thinking Person’s Hands-On programmeDeveloped, tested and launched over many years in Laos, it is aimed at:

> Entry level workers

> Forgotten workers – those excluded from formal education and training though poverty or lack of opportunity

> Those who seek recognition of prior learning

> Workers who wish to move to the next level

> First-time managers and leaders

Passport for Success is not just about hard skills – it’s about soft skills such as confidence building, taking responsibility, communication and problem solving.

Passport for Success is modular and may be tailored to fit the busy schedule of workers who like to learn on the job, and managers who seek to minimize disruption.

Passport for Success is based on ASEAN standards and contains a pathway to international accreditation.